‘A’ brand new space for Adobe…

Bett 2019, UK

For Adobe at BETT this year we were commissioned to design and deliver a completely new exhibition stand presence to showcase their latest software offer in the education market.

As one of the global leaders and innovators in creative software, Adobe is at the forefront of technology and software that “empowers students to think creatively and communicate expressively”. Thus having a physical presence at the show was seen as of paramount importance within the Adobe Marketing team, as BETT is the industry leader and most important UK education trade show.

The exhibition stand design had to incorporate the following areas within a compact space:  

  • A training area theatre for live presentations of the latest Adobe software and products that seated up to 14 people providing for dedicated classes around a double-sided oval shaped demo area with Adobe guru tutors. This was positioned on the front left corner of the stand for maximum visibility.  Noise cancelling headphones were used for the participants to be able to focus on the content and spoken word so not to be distracted by the busy show environment.
  • A generic Q&A area to the rear left of the space for anyone to learn more about Adobe products and services and for specific assistance on the Adobe software.
  • An informal ‘meetings and discussions’ area on the right hand side of the stand with a tall bar and stools area also used as a waiting/holding area.
  • In 2018 we created an interactive photo booth – a unique and successful experiential feature in the form of a novel ‘upside down room’ space where participants could have their photo taken. This feature was developed for 2019 in a more minimal monochrome aesthetic at the rear right side of the space to progress the idea from last year’s success. Photos taken would be sent to the Adobe Sparks editing workstations area. Here the visitors could learn how to use their image and edit and format it to create a Sparks post or take away image on an Adobe USB pen give-away, or to upload their image to social media using the relevant Adobe at BETT 2019 hashtags for awareness at and outside of the show.
  • Other features included some OLED technology LED screens that are transparent depending on the image displayed and were positioned around the stand perimeter. These were used to showcase various activities that were happening on the stand to create a sense of intrigue to join in the activities on the stand. These screens also enabled sight lines through the stand space due to their transparency.
  • Storage areas for AV equipment and client giveaways.

 To add some fun and to create an attention grabbing visual device, a large sculptural Adobe “A” logo was created in 3D and became a focal point and popular installation with visitors to the stand for ‘selfie’ moments.