Sustainability in client projects is our focus.


As designers, we are becoming more responsible for our work and how this will impact the environment. So, wherever and whenever possible, sustainability in client projects is a priority for us in our conversations with clients.

Fundamentally, we help them consider the longevity of their manufactured design across at least one year’s show activities as a minimum, and ideally across a three year programme. Since 2017, working in close partnership with our valued clients, we have progressively:

– increased the specification of sustainable materials in client projects,

– maximised the reuse of post-event materials on other future planned projects and

– designed projects in a modular way to ensure that produced elements can be reconfigured and used at future events.

Sustainability in projects

Following are links to four stories that outline our sustainable endeavours within client projects:

2019 Exhibition stand for Dataiku at Big Data LDN, London

2020 Exhibition stand for Adobe at Bett, London

2021 Sustainable bar for event space at Natural History Museum in Basel, Switzerland

2022 Exhibition stands for Bouygues Energies & Services in UK & Europe

Outside of client projects, UNLTD_XYZ has previously shown its support as a ‘Climate Positive Workforce’ member of Ecologi. And before the pandemic closed down the exhibitions and events industry in March 2020, a proportion of 2019 year end profits were donated to the Parley Foundation to acknowledge and support their important work and our responsibility in helping to move our industry towards a sustainable future.

Our future

Companies recognise the benefits to their brand of; investing in sustainable design, committing to sustainability policies and creating environmentally friendly spaces, environments and experiences that reduce their impact on the environment. Undoubtedly, there is a pressing need for clients to ensure they rigorously act on sustainability policies, and take responsibility for their annual events programmes and the impact these have year in year out on the environment.

We are very aware of how wasteful the design industry is regarding the exhibitions and events sectors, and witness the problems first hand. In response to this, we are on a journey to develop a fully sustainable and carbon neutral service as our long term objective.

The offer we are developing, called SUST_XYZ, will deliver high-end custom-designed, built, installed, dismantled, stored and repurposed spaces to support the growing need for sustainable solutions as we see consumer shows and events re-emerging post-Covid around the world.

By partnering with the right contractors, and through every stage in our process and supply chain, we fully support clients that see they must ‘act on sustainability’ by offering them a clear choice and a full service that takes our collective responsibility to looking after the environment so much further.