As designers, we must be responsible
for how our work impacts the environment.


For many years we’ve seen with our own eyes just how wasteful the exhibitions and events industry is.

As designers, we have to become more responsible for our work and how this will impact the environment. So, wherever and whenever possible, sustainability must be a key consideration in client projects. Through every stage in our process and supply chain – from the initial planning and design considerations to the production, build, dismantle and storage or disposal – we look to specify sustainable materials, maximise reuse and repurpose structures, minimise disposal, and do everything our projects allow to look after the environment.

Our long term goal is to offer carbon neutral design services to clients across the disciplines we work in. In the short term, we planned some milestones to ensure that UNLTD_XYZ and our network is ever more conscious of our impact on the environment:

Since 2017, the first milestone we have reached in close partnership with our valued clients has been to steadily increase the; specification of sustainable materials in client projects, to maximise reuse of post-event materials on other projects and to design in a modular way so that the produced elements can be reconfigured in future spaces.   

In April 2020, UNLTD_XYZ became a member of Offset Earth and thus we are now a ‘Climate Positive Workforce’.

In May 2020, we pledged a proportion of our 2019 end of financial year net profits to the Parley Foundation in acknowledgement and support of their important work and our responsibility in helping to shape and move our industry towards a sustainable future.

And during the Covid-19 crisis, we have been developing SUST_XYZ which represents the next phase in our development of and vision for what will become a fully comprehensive sustainable design proposition. which you can read more about here.

Together, we can influence positive change and make a difference.