Simon Teer supporting future growth…

Recent Appointment

Having worked together previously, we’re delighted to announce the involvement of Simon Teer in a part-time consultative role to UNLTD_XYZ working alongside Jason across the business to further enhance best practices and to help develop and implement a plan for growth. 

Working with Jason since August 2018, Simon’s involvement has brought a wealth of complementary experience into the business, having worked with designers since the mid-80s and having specialised since 2002 as a consultant, mentor and coach to owner-founders and leaders of design firms in the UK and overseas to facilitate growth. 

Simon has focused initially with Jason on defining the business goals and objectives and necessary resources to help shape a strategy and implement a tactical plan for developing the business in specific areas of interest that also represent tangible opportunity for future growth. Jason explains… 

Before setting up UNLTD_XYZ in 2011, I engaged Simon’s help for a period of time in a previous business venture to advise and help us proactively develop new business, which worked well. We kept in touch over the years and I reached a point last year with UNLTD_XYZ where I felt the need for some external perspective on how to take the business forward and turned to Simon as a sounding board initially. 

Simon has worked with me to define and develop our brand proposition, and his valuable strategic experience is helping me shape and structure the business for the next stage of growth. I look forward to his continued involvement and to exploring how we further develop the business and refine our value proposition in the months ahead.”