"Sustainable design has to be our focus in future projects"


Ever mindful of how our work impacts the environment and our sustainability goals, since 2017 we have managed to steadily increase the; specification of sustainable materials in client projects, reuse of post-event materials on other projects and, with reuse in mind from the outset, we often design in a modular way so that the produced elements can be reconfigured in future spaces.

At every opportunity, we proactively work with clients to reduce their impact on the environment by considering the longevity of their manufactured design across at least one year’s show activities as a minimum, and ideally across a three year programme.

And driven by our long term goal to offer carbon neutral design services to clients across the disciplines we specialise in, we take seriously our responsibility as designers to make conscious decisions regarding the resources and materials we specify in projects, how these impact the environment and that the planet has finite resources.

Our Creative Director and Founder, Jason Smith is leading this drive and our focus towards a sustainable future…

As a designer studying at art college 20 years ago, I had a strong passion for Green Design and design for the environment. I concentrated my final year’s major study on developing a recycled waste hybrid material, designing furniture pieces using this material, and my final year dissertation entitled ‘Green Design: who needs persuading?’ expressed my thoughts and ideas around the subject. 

I felt quite disillusioned when I left college to realise that employment within a green / environmentally friendly design role would be unlikely. So when the time was right, after gaining valuable industry experience, I would need to create a design agency with such principles. 20 years later, UNLTD_XYZ and the gradual evolution of our sustainable design offer is the continuation of that vision and journey.”

SUST_XYZ represents the next phase in our development of and vision for what will become a fully comprehensive sustainable design proposition.

The following exhibition stand design space visuals (and plan/elevations below) showcase only sustainable materials specification to evidence how considered and aesthetically pleasing design does not need to be compromised when working sustainably.


Delivering high-end custom-designed, built, installed, dismantled, stored and repurposed spaces, SUST_XYZ will support the growing need for sustainable design when we see consumer and trade shows and events re-emerging around the world post-Covid-19. We anticipate that companies will recognise the benefits to their brand of investing in sustainable design and endeavour to commit fully to sustainability policies and creating environmentally friendly spaces, environments and experiences that reduce their impact on the environment.

Carbon emissions may be down very slightly from Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, however we are still way above acceptable and safe levels within the atmosphere and carbon dioxide levels are still rising relentlessly every year. The scientific community have been advising us all of the consequences of humanities unsustainable behaviours for many decades now, and thus it’s more important than ever to find climate change solutions. So we anticipate there will be a more pressing need for clients to ensure they rigorously follow sustainability policies, and take greater responsibility for their annual events programmes and the significant impact these have year in year out on the environment.

We are very aware of how wasteful the design industry is regarding the exhibitions and events sectors, and witness the problems first hand. In response to this, we have embarked on this journey to develop a fully sustainable and carbon neutral design service as our long term objective, and are looking into suitable accreditation for our sustainable design offer and services.

By partnering with the right contractors, and through every stage in our process and supply chain – from the initial planning and design considerations to the overall project specification of materials, production, manufacture, installation, dismantle and storage or disposal – we can fully support clients that ‘act on sustainability’ by offering them a clear choice and a complete service that takes our collective responsibility to looking after the environment so much further.

Together, we can influence positive change and make a difference.

For further information on how our sustainable design offer SUST_XYZ can support your future needs, please get in touch with Jason Smith (jason@unltdxyz.com) to arrange a conversation.