Realising event design-build cost savings for global brands.


Is your global events design-build agency delivering real cost savings through reusable modular solutions?

At UNLTD_XYZ we deliver valuable consultancy experience and award-winning custom-designed spatial solutions for trade/consumer exhibitions and business events/conferences around the world.

Our sweet spot is realising event design-build cost savings for global brands that are placing increasing emphasis on re-use and custom-designed modularity for their built spaces. 

Fundamentally, we help clients consider the longevity of their manufactured design across at least one year’s show activities as a minimum, and ideally across a three year programme to help them realise worthwhile cost savings. Since as far back as 2017, working in close partnership with our valued clients, we have progressively:

  • developed our profile and reputation supporting industry leaders like NetJetsAdobe and Zendesk across their international event programmes
  • applied our knowledge and expertise of custom-designing and building projects in a modular way – like this trade exhibition space for Equans at Data Centre World in Paris – ensuring that produced elements can be reconfigured and reused at future events
  • increased the specification of sustainable materials when creating high-functioning custom-designed and built spaces around the world, and
  • maximised cost savings for our clients whilst minimising waste and impact on the environment.

UNLTD_XYZ, realising event design-build cost savings for global brands.

If you’d like to find out more about our work, how we deliver real cost savings through reusable modular solutions and discuss how we could support your future plans, please email or call Simon Teer on 07957 627052. 

We welcome exploratory conversations and invitations to tender for future projects, and would love to hear from you!